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We are working on an information brochure, just waiting from some projects to be finished to include them in the brochure. In the meantime below is some information in a pdf. Also coming soon we will be adding information on Russian industrial light we are currently sourcing.

If you don't see what you are looking for in the brochure don't worry get in touch and if we can't supply what you are looking for we will point you in the right direction!

Download The Stripy Paint Company Brochure

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The Stripy Paint Company Ltd



The Company Name - The Stripy Paint Company - What's that about?


In many workplaces a new employee would be sent off to look for things that couldn’t be found as a practical joke. The new employee would often then been sent from place to place in search of the item until someone took pity on them and explained that the item didn’t exist. In the building industry common items to be sent to look for are – sky hooks, glass hammers, buckets of steam, skirting board ladders, Stripy Paint etc. At The Stripy Paint Company we do a lot of searching.

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