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Bespoke Oak Doorknobs

We have just finished making some oak doorknobs and excutcheons (keyhole covers) to match the original doorknobs for a private house renovation in Dublin. The picture below shows one of the refurbished original doorknobs (centre) with plain and reeded new knobs either side.

Only three of the original doorknobs had survived and these were restored. We made reeded knobs for the old doors and plain knobs inspired by the original knobs for the new doors in the house.

Bespoke Oak Dooknobs

Bespoke oak doorknobs and matching handmade escutcheon

To reproduce the doorknobs all brass elements we carefully reproduced to match the originals and the wooden elements were expertly hand turned.

The original doorknobs were carefully cleaned to remove the old varnish and were then refinished. The brass elements which had become loose over time was cleaned and tightened and the old grub screws replaced with new slightly larger ones. The wooden door roses which have all broken were replaced with new ones.

The pictures below show the original knobs in original condition and and the elements that make up the doorknobs.

Brass doorknob elements


The finished knobs are shown below. If you are looking to get something reproduced or have something bespoke that you want made we would be happy help!

Bespoke oak doorknobs and matching handmade escutcheon

Bespoke Oak Dooknobs

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